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Kevin told me that I have to eat more healthily (which i already do pretty well) and count my calories to lose any weight.

This is going to be so hard. This is an example of what I eat in a normal day:

A Cup of Hot Tea for Breakfast
Snack of Granola or Something like that
Sandwich for Lunch
Snack of Fruit Snacks or something like that
Dinner meal

That is all… i dont eat a lot, so whatever… we will see what happens this week.


Not Much

Not much on my body has changed; although, I have not really been workin it too hard. I was sort of waiting for last Wednesday to find out where my heart was and what it can handle. I dont really know and I dont really know. I am at 30% ejection fraction and I passed my excersise test with flying colors. So it is confusing. The way I feel I should be at around 50% ef, or with a 30% ef, I should not be able to do the exercise test so well.

I dont know waht to do then. I will just have to work out easily. And we now have a treadmill (treader as my mummum calls it) and I will be workin my heart to get it better and hopefully get skinnier in the process. I also have just enrolled in the Cardiac Rehab program at Armstrong COunty Memorial hospital. I would have went to Indiana, but they are not conveinent times. Hopefully everything goes well.

I have walked a couple times and done some serious situps on a ball and i am feelin it in my belly. I also have noticed in my pantaloons. I can fit into my pants that are a size 10 with no problems whatsoever… It isnt tight on my ass and they look pretty good if I do say so myself.

I am gonna take new measurements and hopefully they have changed a little! w00t! w00t!


My weight loss adventure has not been going as planned. I am not really changing. I went to Dr. Stever today and his scale said I was 173 and I was fully clothed. My naked scale said I am 172.8 and the scale at work said I was 175.2 meaning I gained weight at work a whole 1.2 pounds… And at home and the doctors I lost weight. Absloute insanity. If I always weigh on the same scale… mine and the one at work… if I am down on my naked scale I should be down on my work scale. I didnt wear heavy clothing today. Oh well. I will do measurements tomorrow. I have to go to sleep so I can get up and go to the Big Heart Doctor tomorrow. So So SO Nervous!!! Ive probably lost 5 pounds with the nervous diary. Hahah.


Oh My Goodness…. I totally forgot that JESSICA lost 1 POUND!!! Way to go Jessica…

When I weighed my self today, I lost 1.2 pounds… why didnt I do it yesterday!

w00t! w00t! way to go Jessica!

Measurements 2

Neck: 13 in (down 1/2 inch)
Waist: 38 in. (same)
Hips: 44 in. (same)
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 174.4 lbs.
Bust: 39 in. (same)

I am pretty unchanged… at least I am unchanged…

At work today… I didnt lose. Joe lost 9 pounds, Angela lost 7, Liz and Crystal lost 3 each and Vita and Mike both lost 1… Andy gained 3… what fun. Atleast I didnt gain! w00t!

Yoga Day 1

Oh My GoD! I did my favorite yoga today and I have learned 3 things…

  1. I have a big ass
  2. I have a big stomach
  3. I am not as flexible as i used to be

There was once a day when I did yoga every day. If I didnt do it I could not sleep. It is the greatest yoga dvd ever. It is MTV Yoga. It is from 2002, but is is so so so good.

When I was in college I was under a lot of stress from my full time job at American Eagle (i was an assistant manager) and my full time college (i graduated in 3 years so i was very full time) and just life in general. I never had time to eat and I loved the way clothes looked on me. I was so fit back then. I weighed about 125 lbs and I was a size 2. I was a small size 2. I am also 5’10” so I was pretty thin. I looked pretty good.

As soon as I started my job at S&T Bank after I graduated in 2003, I started to gain weight. I gained 15 pounds immediately. I guess it was the time to eat and sitting at a desk all day. That was ok. Then I got married… I was about 145 on my wedding day. I immediately gained another 15 pounds. 160 pounds were not that bad either. I still fit into my size 8 suits and it was ok. When I got pregnant with Kendall I was 164.4 pounds and I can NOT get that last 10 pounds off.

Now I am 174.4 lbs and I am a size 10/12. A large 10 or a small 12. I dont need to get back to my college size… I know that is not possible and probably not healthy… I just want to be back to a smaller size to fit my old clothes. A size 6/8 would be fantastic! I have about 10 suits that I would love to wear again.

The plan is to do yoga atleast 3 times a week. I am going to try to lose 2 pounds this week by watching what I eat and yoga. We didnt get to go for a walk tonight. It was tooo tooo cold. I think it is gonna be too cold all week.

So, yoga 3 times a week, watching what I eat (less garbage in) and Im gonna try to walk at work some during lunch and do some good housework. w00t! w00t!

Ill let you know how I feel tomorrow. I bet my arms feel sore.

The big weigh in is tomorrow. I cant wait for the competition!


Oh My God! I am so nervous… I am ready to post my measurments. I think in these photos I look like a total marshmallow. So… here are the photos. I will always wear this outfit for the photos.




I will have someone else take the photos next time. I was pretty busy today though.

So on to the measurements. These are the areas I measured.



Neck: 13.25 in.
Waist: 38 in.
Hips: 44 in.
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 174.4 lbs.
Bust: 39 in.

So there you have it folks… All my things I keep hidden from the public… Out for everyone to read about. I will take some inches and pounds off these numbers.

I put all the above information into a website and it told me the following infomration:

BMI: 25.0 kg/m2
Waist-to-Height ratio: 0.54
Percent Body Fat: 41%
Lean Body Mass 102.7 lb.
You are overweight by 0.4 kilograms (0.9 pounds)

So… I will come back to this in a week. Tuesday is the official weigh in at work, but I will be fully clothed, so I am gonna stick to what my naked scale says at my house.

gotta go get fitter!