Not Much

Not much on my body has changed; although, I have not really been workin it too hard. I was sort of waiting for last Wednesday to find out where my heart was and what it can handle. I dont really know and I dont really know. I am at 30% ejection fraction and I passed my excersise test with flying colors. So it is confusing. The way I feel I should be at around 50% ef, or with a 30% ef, I should not be able to do the exercise test so well.

I dont know waht to do then. I will just have to work out easily. And we now have a treadmill (treader as my mummum calls it) and I will be workin my heart to get it better and hopefully get skinnier in the process. I also have just enrolled in the Cardiac Rehab program at Armstrong COunty Memorial hospital. I would have went to Indiana, but they are not conveinent times. Hopefully everything goes well.

I have walked a couple times and done some serious situps on a ball and i am feelin it in my belly. I also have noticed in my pantaloons. I can fit into my pants that are a size 10 with no problems whatsoever… It isnt tight on my ass and they look pretty good if I do say so myself.

I am gonna take new measurements and hopefully they have changed a little! w00t! w00t!


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