My weight loss adventure has not been going as planned. I am not really changing. I went to Dr. Stever today and his scale said I was 173 and I was fully clothed. My naked scale said I am 172.8 and the scale at work said I was 175.2 meaning I gained weight at work a whole 1.2 pounds… And at home and the doctors I lost weight. Absloute insanity. If I always weigh on the same scale… mine and the one at work… if I am down on my naked scale I should be down on my work scale. I didnt wear heavy clothing today. Oh well. I will do measurements tomorrow. I have to go to sleep so I can get up and go to the Big Heart Doctor tomorrow. So So SO Nervous!!! Ive probably lost 5 pounds with the nervous diary. Hahah.


One response to “Sad

  1. the nervous diary is the best diet you could ever go on!

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