Yoga Day 1

Oh My GoD! I did my favorite yoga today and I have learned 3 things…

  1. I have a big ass
  2. I have a big stomach
  3. I am not as flexible as i used to be

There was once a day when I did yoga every day. If I didnt do it I could not sleep. It is the greatest yoga dvd ever. It is MTV Yoga. It is from 2002, but is is so so so good.

When I was in college I was under a lot of stress from my full time job at American Eagle (i was an assistant manager) and my full time college (i graduated in 3 years so i was very full time) and just life in general. I never had time to eat and I loved the way clothes looked on me. I was so fit back then. I weighed about 125 lbs and I was a size 2. I was a small size 2. I am also 5’10” so I was pretty thin. I looked pretty good.

As soon as I started my job at S&T Bank after I graduated in 2003, I started to gain weight. I gained 15 pounds immediately. I guess it was the time to eat and sitting at a desk all day. That was ok. Then I got married… I was about 145 on my wedding day. I immediately gained another 15 pounds. 160 pounds were not that bad either. I still fit into my size 8 suits and it was ok. When I got pregnant with Kendall I was 164.4 pounds and I can NOT get that last 10 pounds off.

Now I am 174.4 lbs and I am a size 10/12. A large 10 or a small 12. I dont need to get back to my college size… I know that is not possible and probably not healthy… I just want to be back to a smaller size to fit my old clothes. A size 6/8 would be fantastic! I have about 10 suits that I would love to wear again.

The plan is to do yoga atleast 3 times a week. I am going to try to lose 2 pounds this week by watching what I eat and yoga. We didnt get to go for a walk tonight. It was tooo tooo cold. I think it is gonna be too cold all week.

So, yoga 3 times a week, watching what I eat (less garbage in) and Im gonna try to walk at work some during lunch and do some good housework. w00t! w00t!

Ill let you know how I feel tomorrow. I bet my arms feel sore.

The big weigh in is tomorrow. I cant wait for the competition!


One response to “Yoga Day 1

  1. haha. you’re a cracker. maybe you should try the tapeworm. i always though it would be great for the weight part. but i hear they can go to your brain…which would be bad news.

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